killer-squirtle asked:

What did Jontron do this time? =/

panther-caroso answered:

tim schafer, founder of double fine studios, which made gems like psychonauts, grim fandango, brutal legend, the secret of monkey island and other great games posted a tweet with a link to a video talking about violence against women in video games.


(here’s a link to the video, very well thought out and it makes amazing points.)

jon jafari, who is following tim on twitter, decided he wasn’t happy watching a video that had comments disabled that talked about such a sensitive topic, and decided to make his opinion very well known.

and then as jon’s voracious fanboys were attacking mr. tim schafer on twitter, telling him to kill himself since he’s “outlived his welcome”, jon decides to send this tweet in:

which not only spurned his fanbase on to send hatemail towards tim, but also made tim out to be the bad guy in this conversation.

which he absolutely wasn’t.



more like yawntron

I am embarrassed to say I even liked Jontron at one point, this is disgusting




Apparently I’m supposed to be more mad that somebody told JonTron to shut up than the fact that JonTron genuinely & unironically compared himself to people who were systematically murdered by the Klan like I think we need to really take a step back here & remind ourselves that TumblrInAction & similar hubs of ideology like this genuinely consider themselves the sane & rational & logical & common sense party despite the fact they run all five cylinders on an emotional reactionary level so self-obsessed they completely skip over a dude who got yelled at by people on Twitter comparing himself to slaves in the antebellum South to get angry over the lack of “mature responses”

Somebody please stop JonTron.


Anonymous asked:

Except JonTron want composting himself to the victims of lynch mobs, he was comparing modern SJW cunts to lunch mobs. You SJWs will just fucking take anything and run with it won't you

fussybabybitch answered:

True I forgot about that time when a bunch of rowdy Twitter users broke into JonTrons home and violently murdered him as a public spectacle in order to remind others like him of their social position



this morning, police raided Greater St. Mark school/church in Ferguson, MO (formerly called St. Sebastian’s Parish).

community members had been using it as a safe space and staging area. police claim that the church is violating housing codes by sheltering protesters, even though the pastor has said it isn’t true.

please please please boost this. help these organizers recover the supplies they lost, and share just how fucking far these cops will sink to make the people of Ferguson suffer.


Anonymous asked:

Marvel's current Mighty Avengers might be the weirdest comic I've ever seen in a while. I'm not reading it and I never will, because it's as hypocritical as it gets. With the insane amount of black characters on the roster (almost every single black superhero in the Marvel universe is in the team) it's obviously meant for black people. Not for white people. Not for asians. Not for hindus. Not for martians. Only for black people. It's ... it's ... it's ****ing racist!

brevoortformspring answered:

So you’re not reading it, and you never will, but you profess to know what it’s all about?

That seems a strange way to gather such information!

Plus, you’re simply wrong here. As you’d know if you read an issue.

But therein lies the madness.

If it’s not the book for you, that’s perfectly fine. Not every comic is for every reader.

But MIGHTY AVENGERS is meant for all readers.


This kind of thing wears on a person’s spirit. This was written by a real human being.

Now don’t talk to me about “well that’s superhero comics, blah blah blah.” We all breathe the same air as this anonymous person and we share soil and water with this person. This person is in our world and for all we know, *we might know them*

And they have decided that a comic book has too many black characters. They’ve decided this because to them, “racism” is when more than one or two non-white characters (and extrapolating thus: people) actually exist in the same place at the same time.

This is also how racism manifests. The insistence that our very existence is an intrusion.






Your bottled water habit is sucking California dry

If you’re reading this, chances are very high that your home has at least one — and maybe more! — magic appliance that produces clean water suitable for drinking. That’s one reason to avoid paying for bottled water.

Another reason? There’s a good chance the water you’re buying at the supermarket was bottled in California, a state currently enduring a severe drought.

Turn on the tap instead Follow micdotcom

(Images via MotherJones)



Lots of people believe bottled water is safer and cleaner than tap water, when in reality there’s no evidence proving such a thing.

Penn & Teller’s Bullshit!: Bottled Water segment, gives a very good and thorough summary of the bottled water culture

You want better water? Buy a Zero filter. SRSLY. Stop buying bottled if possible. You need water with you? Get reusable acrylic or glass water bottles (wrapped in a silicon sleeve) and fill it up from your filter pitcher. SAVE MONEY, SAVE MY STATE



Here’s the shotguns used tonight. Lots of restraint shown:

Summary of the night (August 18th, 2014):

There were many arrests throughout the night. Water bottles and other objects were thrown at police, and after gunshots rang out near the QuikTrip, police began firing smoke and gas indiscriminately. There have been reports of white anarchist agitators from out of town, provoking police.

Many protesters ran, terrified, coughing. Journalists were caught in the gas: one canister rolled right under a photographer, who collapsed from it. Fires and bricks were used by residents to try and keep back police.

Police began clearing out the street, ordering anyone who wasn’t credentialed media to leave or be faced with arrest. When one reporter (who is livestreaming the events and has a camera on him) explained he lost his credentials while being fired at and showed his PRESS patch instead, officer told him “this doesn’t mean shit” while ripping the journalist’s PRESS patch off of his vest and throwing it to the ground.

Police formed two lines and began moving forward. A handful of protesters got caught between the lines, trapped but repeatedly told to get out. Among them, WaPo reporter Wesley Lowery reports that the entire neighbourhood has barriers and many people are unable to get home.

SWAT teams have begun doing tactical sweeps and media were ordered away.

Amnesty International was also on the ground tonight and were kicked out by police. Currently, AI is highly critical of the US.

There are still a few people trapped, it appears, including a few reporters, who are tweeting that they’re being mercilessly gassed:

And here’s an image of what it looks like when they fire gas:

Currently waiting for a presser from Captain Johnson, who was seen tonight attempting to keep peace with no helmet/mask/gear.