Attention Uplifts!


The domain name for the Uplift Forum expired, and can no longer be accessed via UpliftStudio.net

Until further notice, please reset your links to: http://upliftstudio.forumotion.com/

It may take a while for me to renew the domain, bear with me, please.

Please reblog, to make sure everyone knows.

Updating bookmark nnnnow!


(and then I self promote my RP)

And be sure to check out my Role Playing thread, Undying Phenomenon: http://upliftstudio.forumotion.com/t26-au-rp-undying-phenomenon

There’s an outbreak of the Damned in the town of Chervil. Greatly outnumbered, the dwindling living must rally together if they are to stand a chance against the undead. Participating players will have to contend with the unruly dead (and hostile living??) to survive.

Give it a look and see if you’re interested. Talk to me and I’ll get your character set up and introduced! (You can also PM the profile that started the thread [Virgina] to contact me.)

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