Anonymous asked:

How do I get Pikablue and Mewthree?

truegamefacts answered:

Great question.

The truth is….Pikablue and Mewthree cannot be found in any Pokemon game.

But there is somewhere they can be found - inside you.

There is a Pikablue and Mewthree inside us all. It is called self-confidence, and you don’t need a master ball to catch it. If you believe in yourself, there is not a single battle you can’t win.

And truly that is the greatest video game “cheat” of all.

Glad I could help.




dude whenever u see those posts that are like “u can go to any fantasy world you want but just one” and people are like HOMESTUCK or DOCTOR WHO or w/e. nah man. pokemon. there’s no pressure to go to school. the entire fucking economy seems to be based off of battling. you can make literally thousands of dollars from pokemon battles. also you get pokemon. there is literally no downside to this.

This has always been my answer.

Plus it seems like the scariest and most wicked crime lords in the land can be defeated by an eleven year old.

Why am I crying? Pokemon.